Beliefs in Society

This unit is worth 25% of the A Level.

It will be examined in Paper 2 of the A Level exam.

In this unit you will discuss:

  • Ideology, Science and Religion
  • Religion Social Change and Social Stability
  • Religious Organisations
  • Religious / Spiritual organisations and social groups
  • The significance of religion and religiosity in the contemporary world.

The Exam

A Level – Paper 2 (2 hours)

Extended Answer Only:

  • 10 marks (Using material from the item analyse 2…..)
  • 10 marks (Outline and explain 2..)
  • 20 marks (Applying material from the item and your own knowledge evaluate…)

Study Support Materials

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  1. Heyy. Got to know about your website through a friend. I just want to say Thank you for you doing this. You are making it so easy for average students like me. Your a life saver. Lots of love and prayers for you. I am from Pakistan.


  2. I keep meaning to leave a thank-you, so I finally am! These are all fantastic resources, especially the choice of the blank and completed knowledge organisers. Thank-you so much for sharing your brilliance, you’re making such a difference!


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