Hartpury College – March 2019

Exam Technique and Study Skills Workshops

Teacher Feedback:

As teachers were really impressed with Kim’s organisation and approach. She has a meticulous eye for detail and creatively designed effective revision resources. She has deconstructed the assessment process and identified how the students can achieve top grades building a systematic approach to exam answers. Her interactive teaching style, question bouncing and competition (the students were effectively bribed by squeaky ducks and sweets) held their attention over a long, focused day. Kim was generous in sharing her approaches and resources and we benefited from the sharing of good practice. “

Student Feedback

“Liked the element of competition because it motivated us to participate in activities”

“The prioritisation matrix sheet was really beneficial, and an effective way too look at what we knew and what we need to work on, it was like an adaptation of our RAG rating process”

“The pack of quick fire revision questions are so helpful because they were divided into core subjects”

“The formulas and structures for the essays were really helpful with the coloured book marks”

“We are all grateful for the amount of effort that you put into the resources for us because they seemed very professional and creative”

Priory Ruskin Academy  – May 2019

Exam Technique Workshop

Teacher Feedback

Kim visited us to deliver an exam preparation day to our Year 13 Sociology students a couple of weeks before the final exams. The session was absolutely fantastic – the resources she prepared for the students were very accessible, logically organised and of an extremely high standard and it was clear that a lot of hard work and preparation had gone into the day. Kim was in touch several times prior to the day and tailored the sessions to suit the needs of my students with a great combination of exam skill and subject knowledge, as well as tips on how to revise and prepare for the exams in general. The students were engaged throughout the sessions (no mean feat with this group, especially for a full day!) due to Kim’s personable and enthusiastic delivery. All in all, I could not recommend these sessions highly enough – we will definitely be looking to book another Hectic Teacher day next year. Thank you!

Ribston Hall – May 2019

Content Focused Workshop

Teacher Feedback

Kimberley delivered an excellent final revision session to our students before their examinations began. She was more than willing to tailor the session to the needs of our students and covered a variety of content and exam skills on the day. The resources she provided were brilliant and the students were really impressed with them. The sessions were engaging and Kimberley really made an effort to bring the revision alive. They left the session feeling well prepared and ready to face their exams.

Marling School Stroud – November 2019

Exam Technique Workshop

Reflecting on Kim’s day with us, we just wanted to say a massive thank you. It was a brilliant day that teachers and students gained from equally. We really appreciated how flexible you were, willing to build your day around our requirements and at no point turning down the requests we had. You have been amazing for sharing so many resources online, but we definitely feel more confident in using those resources now that we have had chance to work with you face to face and discuss things we were unsure of. Your continued support has been so helpful and we hope that we will be able to work with you again in the future.

All the Students were really positive about the day, here are some quotes:

‘A hectic day of fun and learning’

‘Very useful, the revision materials we got to take home have really helped me’

‘A very engaging and fun day. I felt it was a really insightful look into sociology and the exams I’ll be taking. I feel like I understand it a lot more now, thank you!’

Brimsham Green, Yate Academy & St Brendan’s 6th From College – February 2020

Exam Technique Focus

A huge thanks to the Hectic Teacher for coming to our school for the sociology day yesterday. It was a meticulously organised day that ran like clockwork and well worth the money. Teachers who have been teaching sociology for many years learnt new ways of doing things to access the highest mark bands, and those who are new to teaching sociology describe the day as the best inset possible (even better than the training received). 

To keep the cost affordable we had invited 2 other schools to join us and had a total of 50 students which worked really well. Kim took charge of the whole day and there was little for staff to do other than learn new strategies and techniques. Each student was given a bag which included revision cards and knowledge organisers, and as each school taught different units, the bags were organised according to what was taught in that school. Teachers also received bags full of useful teaching resources for the future.

I cannot recommend the day highly enough, and finance shouldn’t be restrictive if you bring other schools or colleges  on board to keep cost affordable.  It works out cheaper for the students that some other training options offered by other people.

Westfield Academy – Watford

2 Day workshop (Content and Exam Technique)

I cannot thank you enough for your high quality, well resourced workshop. It was exactly what my students needed due to you listening to what we needed support with and implementing it in the revision sessions. You have a great way with breaking information down and explaining concepts really clearly to aid understanding. My usually very shy students were fully engaged and participated well from start to finish. They particularly liked the competitiveness of your raffle ticket giveaways!

I know I made the right choice in inviting you to conduct the workshop with my students when one of their comments on the feedback form was, “Can we do this every month?”  

On top of that, the CPD experience I had from the last two days has been highly valuable. Thank you for your support of a non specialist! 

I look forward to working with you again in the future. 

Priory Ruskin – February 2020

Exam Focus Workshop

Thank you @HecticTeacher for a fantastic day of exam prep with Y13 sociologists. The students got so much out of it! It’s been brilliant CPD for me, @MissCatnach and @BaystonLincs too. You are a generous and inspiring practitioner. Very much appreciated

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