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The last two years have been difficult with sudden changes to examinations (CAGs/TAGs) but I happy to be able to offer both in person workshops and online webinar exam technique workshops this year.

These workshops and webinars will be bespoke to you and your students, mining they focus on a particular area of the specification and a specific exam style question, decided by yourselves.

For example you might choose Postmodernist view of society as your topic and Essay for the question style; or it might be Roles and processes in schools and a methods in context question.

This can provide an opportunity for a focused revision session that are bespoke to you and your students, on topics that were covered during last years lockdown or that your students are struggling with.

In-Person Full Day Workshops – £550 [+ Travel expenses]

These workshops run for the length of your school day and are broken down into sessions focusing on a specific examination style question. The topic of this question is determined by you. As part of this workshop, I will take students through how to plan and write each style of question and can include revision strategies.

Each student will receive a delegate bag containing:

  • Workshop workbook
  • Knowledge organisers for the topics covered in the sessions.
  • Key Term Flash Cards
  • Research Methods Flash Cards
  • Exam Technique Bookmarks
  • Prioritisation matrices for each topic.
  • Some goodies to keep them going through the day.

There is also a prize draw for the students to win a set of the Hectic Teacher Study Support Books and other goodies.

Online Webinars – £175

In these bespoke student webinars (75 – 90 minutes). These student webinars will focus on a particular area of the specification and a specific exam style question, decided by you.

In the webinar, I will provide a revision lecture on the content and then apply that content to an exam question of your choice.

As part of the webinar, you will receive digital access to:

  • Bespoke Live Webinar for 75 – 90 minutes.
  • Presentation / PowerPoint
  • Content outline and Notetaking support.
  • Question planning sheet
  • Model Answer
  • Video of the session.


Full-Day In-Person Workshops

For these workshops I have the following availability, and do require at least 3 weeks notice in order to create and print the resources:


17th – 31st October

14th November

28th November

12th – 20th December


16th January

30th January

13th – 17th February

20th February

6th March

20th March

30th March – 17th April


15th May

29th May – 2nd June

5th June

19th June

3rd July

17th July – 31st July

Online Webinars

As these sessions will take place via Teams and stream directly to your classroom or institution it means that I have greater availability, but I am limited to a 1.30 or 2.00pm start time on Wednesdays and Fridays as well as the Tuesdays listed above.


If you are interested in booking a workshop, webinar or a bespoke teacher support session, please contact me via email: to discuss your requirements, possible dates and costs.

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