I like to have a theme in my classroom when it comes to displays. Things like using the same fonts and having similar graphics throughout. My current theme is pastels and grey using the font Tin Tin and Century gothic. The icons come from NounProject.com

All the displays are created in PowerPoint.

Recently I have moved from putting out all the elements of the display to sending it out to be printed by a poster company. This I have found isn’t that much more expensive than printing each element separately but it does mean that the design I make looks the same when printed. Also, it means that the display itself looks better as I cannot cut straight and it is quicker to put up. We use a plastic sheet covering on any uncovered display boards so that they are protected.

Social Science Careers Board

This display is for a board that is 177cm x 115cm

Exam Technique Display

This display I referred to regularly in my teaching and remind students that it is there to help them when we are practising exam technique. It sits along a single wall but is broken down into 6 panels. Each panel is 70cm by 120cm.

Independent Study V Revision Display

I have this at the back of my room and is 128cm x 90cm and act as a reminder of expectations for independent study in sociology

Open Event Poster

Open events are an important part of the recruitment process. This poster is in A1 size to attract students to A-Level sociology whilst also being realistic in expectations.

Success in Social Sciences Display

This poster gives advice to students on how they can use their non-contact time and revise for assessments to help them succeed in social science subjects. This poster is 176cm x 115cm.

Tube Map Display

This poster is displayed in our department area to show how all of the Social Science subjects are linked and support each other. This poster is 115cm x 115cm.

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