Families and Households

This section is broken down into 5 parts

Unit 1: Theories of the Family

  1. Functionalist views of the family
  2. Marxist Views of the Family
  3. Feminist views of the family
  4. Personal Life and Postmodernist View of the family
  5. Family and Social Policy

Unit 2: Family Diversity

  1. Family Structures
  2. Marriage, Divorce and Cohabitation
  3. Types of Diversity
  4. Life course Analysis 

Unit 3: Changing Roles in the Family

  1. Gender Roles
  2. Domestic Division of Labour
  3. Decision Making and Power Relations
  4. Domestic Violence

Unit 4: Childhood

  1. Social Construction of Childhood
  2. State of Childhood
  3. Future of Childhood

Unit 5: Demographics

This unit is taught as an independent workbook which is then followed up in class with group support and exam practice.

  • Demographic Workbook
  • Follow up lessons

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