10 Mark – No Item

Outline and explain TWO

It is extremely important as part of your study to plan out exam style questions. There is no point writing out a full answer and spending hours on it if you are unsure of what the question is asking or if you are heading in a tangent to what is required.

In the 10 markers without an item questions, you are required to write TWO clear paragraphs which answer the question. Remember, however, that this question is not marked as 5 + 5 but in bands. This means that you can achieve up to 7 marks for an excellent single paragraph.

This question requires TWO clear paragraphs, which answer the question directly and follows this format:

  • POINT – Answer the question using terms from the question.
  • EXPLAIN – How does this answer the question.
  • APPLY – Use examples, Sociologists and studies to illustrate your point or explanation, where appropriate


Planning for this style of questions asks you to identify possible points that you could make and then add additional information that you could use in your paragraph.

Practice Question

The best way to get good at these questions is to practice.
Use the planning sheets to help you identify possible answers.
and when writing your paragraphs colour code them to ensure you are following the correct format.

Most of all, remember to write as if you are teaching the reader, this will ensure you explain your point fully.

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