10 mark questions

There are two types of 10 mark question that you will be asked in your exam.

The first is appears on all three papers and asks you to outline and explain two reasons / causes / impacts relating to theory and methods, the family and beliefs in society.

This means that there are a 3 of things that you must do in order to reach the top band marks:

  • Identify the reason / cause / ways / roles / effects.
  • Explain what this means in the context of the question.
  • Where necessary explain the impact of this reason / cause / ways / roles / effects.

The second also appears in all three papers but this will focus on Education, Crime, Family and Beliefs. This question asks you to apply material from the item to analyses two reasons / causes / impacts. The difference with this question is that you must explicitly use the item in each paragraph.

You do not need to do any evaluation on either of these questions. You must provide 2 points however if you give more then 2 they examiner will mark the best two responses.

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  1. I have been asked to mark year 12s 10 mark questions which are analyse questions. I have been asked to look at them as a set of PEEL responses. My question, where exactly do 10 marks come from? How many points are each peel paragraph worth? if its 4 then that only leaves me with 8……where do the other 2 points come from to complete the 10 mark limit???


  2. I am so confused on how to answer this 10 mark question. Does it need evaluation or not? All the breakdowns i have seen have used the PEEEL structure, however when planning answers i am worried they are far too long for a 10 mark question and that pupils will not have time / this will take away time from the bigger mark question. Is there a breakdown of the 10 mark question available?


  3. I love the smartening up on your website! …eeek, but now I don’t know where to find the amazingly useful question banks. Are they still available? Thank you!


    1. When I mark a 10 marker with the item if students do not refer explicitly to the item they receive no credit for that paragraph as they have not done what the question has asked, which is applying material from the item.


  4. Are there any notes available on how to use the T and M workbook, please? Especially what to write in the planner boxes for a 10 marker.


    1. There is a teacher’s notes / Scheme of learning which goes with the workbooks available in the Teachers Zone. This includes the mark schemes for the ESQ’s


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