Examination Advice

AS Examinations

  • 2 Papers
    • Paper 1 – Education and Methods in Context
    • Paper 2 – Family and Households and Research Methods
  • 90 Minutes each

A Level Examinations

  • 3 Papers
    • Paper 1 – Education, Methods in Context & Theory and Methods
    • Paper 2 – Topics in Sociology: Beliefs and Family
    • Paper 3 – Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods.
  • 2 hours each

Exam Preparation

It is never to early to start preparing for the exam. Even when you have only just started the course. Below is some advice on revision and methods and activities that might help you.

Early preparation:

  • Make sure you have access to copies of example questions and answers.
  • Draw up a revision timetable so that you can be confident you will be able to revise all the material you need to.
  • Make sure to build in leisure time into your revision timetable so that you have the chance to “Recharge”
  • Use the checklists in the course hand-out to ensure there are no gaps in your notes.
  • Use model answers so that you know the kind of response you need to produce in the exam.


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