Louis Theroux Collection

Louis takes a look at the issues experienced by people living with long-term brain injuries.

Louis spends time in two of London’s largest eating disorder facilities to meet women with anorexia – an illness with the highest death rate of any psychiatric disorder.

Louis travels to one of the most innovative autism schools of its kind – the DLC Warren in New Jersey – opened in 2007 at a cost of $54 million. There he finds out how specialised intervention can help both the children and the families that care for them.

Louis immerses himself in the world of Ohio’s State Psychiatric Hospitals, meeting patients who have committed crimes – at times horrifically violent – while in the grip of severe mental illness.

An investigation into California’s right to die laws for terminally ill people and those who are in pain but are not terminally ill.

As one of the big retirement destinations for middle class Americans, Phoenix, Arizona has also become a capital of dementia care. Louis visits the city in order to spend time in state-of-the-art care home Beatitudes and with home-based carers, whose love is tested by a condition that steadily erodes the personality and character of their partners.

Louis spends time at King’s College Hospital in London where he immerses himself in the lives of patients in the grips of alcohol addiction and the medical staff trying to make them better.

Louis looks at America’s love affair with prescription painkillers that has led to a widespread dependency on opiates.

Louis Theroux travels to Portland, Oregon, to meet people engaging in polyamorous relationships.

Louis Theroux returns to the UK to spend time in specialist psychiatric units which treat mothers experiencing serious mental illness whilst allowing them to live alongside their babies.

Louis spends time with the Milwaukee Police Department as they try to tackle the high rate of homicide and meets the residents affected by gun crime.

Louis Theroux heads to US college campuses and comes face-to-face with students accused of sexual assault.

Louis tries to understand how Jimmy Saville managed to get away with his crimes, in a follow up to his 2000 documentary “When Louis Met Jimmy”.

After the Church of Scientology refuses to cooperate in making a documentary, Louis Theroux teams up with former senior church official Mark Rathbun to create dramatic reconstructions of incidents within the church witnessed by Rathbun and other ex-Scientologists. They focus in particular on alleged violent behaviour by the church’s leader David Miscavige at its secretive Gold Base facility in California, which Theroux visits. The church retaliates by putting Theroux and his film crew under surveillance, leading to camera-wielding confrontations with a Scientology “squirrel buster” team and with church officials outside Gold Base. Theroux raises questions about Rathbun’s own former complicity in the church’s “terroristic” activities, leading to tensions between the two.

Louis Theroux returns to visit the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, investigating what effect the death of its founder has had on its members and those who have since left.

Louis Theroux meets American women who can’t or won’t keep their new-born baby and seek to find new parents from an adoption agency.

In Dallas, Louis meets TV evangelists Marcus and Joni Lamb, and joins a group of hardline Christians called “The Family” as they visit the Deep Ellum entertainment district.

Investigating sex workers and their pimps, Louis uncovers the dark underbelly of Houston, Texas.

Louis Theroux spends time with a very committed group of ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

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