Beliefs in Society

Holy Hell

Holy Hell is a 2016 American documentary film by Will Allen about his experiences as a member of the Buddhafield cult for 22 years.The cult’s leader, who has several names but is typically called Michel, is claimed to have abused his followers. The film uses footage Allen shot during his capacity as the group’s videographer and new footage of interviews with former members and of the group in Hawaii.

Jihad – A story of others

JIHAD: a story of the others is a 2015 BAFTA and Grierson nominated documentary film by Emmy and Peabody Award winning Norwegian director Deeyah Khan. The film is produced by Khan’s production company Fuuse. JIHAD is the outcome of a two-year investigation by Deeyah and provides a view from the inside about what it is like to be drawn into radicalism. The documentary film sets out to provide an insight into why some young Muslims in the West embrace violent extremism and go abroad to fight holy wars and in some cases why they came to reject it.


Religulous is a 2008 American documentary film written by and starring comedian Bill Maher and directed by Larry Charles. The title of the film is a portmanteau derived from the words religious and ridiculous. The documentary examines and challenges religion and religious belief.

Waco – Rules of Engagement – Amazon Prime

In this provocative documentary, the events leading up to the tragic 51-day stand-off between the United States government and religious leader David Koresh’s Branch Davidians in 1994 are seen in a slightly different light, one that intimates that the Federal government is concealing key pieces of information regarding whether or not the situation needed to end with the immolation of 70 cult members, some of whom were women and children.

The Unbelievers – Amazon Prime

Renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss cross the globe as they speak publicly about the importance of science and reason in the modern world.

My week in Atheism – Amazon Prime

My Week in Atheism is a film about a friendship caught between the two opposing worldviews of atheism and Christianity. As a devout Christian and an atheist activist travel together to secular conventions, university campuses, and a live talk show, they struggle to maintain a close friendship while protecting their beliefs. This is a film about dialogue, debate, and discovery.

The Reality of Truth – Amazon Prime

Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar, The Fast and the Furious). and her friends search for ancient advanced technology. Under the guidance of many of the best experts – Rodriguez travels the Globe in search of a Hidden Technology from our Ancient past that has been locked away for thousands of years and in the process, uncovers a connection between religion, psychedelics, and mysterious spirit cultures.

Contradiction: A matter of Faith – Amazon Prime

Contradiction addresses the saturation of churches in Black neighbourhoods coexisting with poverty and powerlessness. Why are there so many churches yet so many problems? Is there a correlation between high-praise and low-productivity?

Reasons to believe – Amazon Prime

Reasons To Believe is a thought-provoking documentary by filmmaker Ben Fama Jr., that explores the psychology and science of belief and why we believe, sometimes falsely, in things that may not match up with reality. Facilitated by leaders in the fields of science, philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology. These experts answer the question: Why do we believe?

Women of Islam: Veiling and Seclusion – Amazon Prime

Filmmaker Farheen Umar travels to Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and USA to discover why some Muslim women cover their face or hair. This PBS documentary explores origins of veiling (hijab) in Muslim culture and confronts stereotypes and misconceptions about women in the religion of Islam. Are Muslim women oppressed into covering and barred from public life? Is this an imposed practice or a choice?

The End of the World Cult – Netflix

While documenting the doomsday cult of self-declared Messiah Michael Travesser, filmmakers stumble into a brewing battle over alarming sexual conduct.

One of Us – Netflix

In the wake of trauma and abuse, three Hasidic Jews face ostracism, anxiety and danger as they attempt to leave their ultra-Orthodox community.

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