Crime and Deviance

This section is broken down into 4 Units:

Unit 1: Theories of Crime and Deviance

  1. Introduction to Crime and Deviance
  2. Functionalist View of Crime and Deviance & Control Theory
  3. Marxist view of Crime and Deviance
  4. Neo-Marxist View of Crime and Deviance
  5. Interactionist View of Crime and Deviance
  6. Realist View of Crime and Deviance 
  7. Locality and Crime (not on spec but useful to know)

Unit 2: Social Distribution of Crime

  1. Measuring Crime
  2. Gender and Crime
  3. Ethnicity and Crime
  4. Social Class and Crime

Unit 3: Crime Control and Prevention 

  1. Crime Control and Prevention
    • Situational Crime Prevention
    • Environmental Crime Prevention
    • Social and Community Crime Prevention
  2. Surveillance 
  3. Criminal Justice System
  4. Punishment and Prisons
  5. Victimology

Unit 4: Globalisation and Crime

  1. Globalisation and Crime
  2. Mass Media and Crime
  3. Green Crime
  4. State Crime

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